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Wpisał: Sylwia Malinowska   
What’s in a sandwich?
Everybody likes them. They are simple and tasty. What are they? They are sandwiches! You can eat them at any time: in the morning, for lunch, or in the afternoon. In Britain many children have sandwiches at school for lunch.
You can put anything in a sandwich, like sausages, eggs, tomatoes. Sandwiches with ham and cheese are very popular, and bacon sandwiches are very delicious. You can even put chocolate in  a roll and you’ve got a chocolate sandwich.
A sandwich with three pieces of bread is called a ‘double-decker’ sandwich. It’s for hungry people. If you’re thirsty, you can drink anything with a sandwich: juice, milk, or some tea or hot chocolate. But are sandwiches good for you? The answer from doctors is yes, sandwiches are healthy. So what would you like in your sandwich?


Simple – prosty
Tasty – smaczny
Popular – popularny
Delicious – wysmienity
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